To say this last bit was nearly impossible would be an understatement. How do you lead up to the announcement of our final official event? How do you make a medal that includes everything and everyone you ever wanted to celebrate? How do you say all the things you wanted to say, but didn’t have the right words at the right time so you never got to say it? ⁣

Even when you think you’ve gotten there, how do you top a dang 8″ trophy medal? ⁣

The short answer is – you don’t. ⁣

Life is all about change. Long goodbyes and short ones; remaking plans that you once thought were solid; finding new friends you never knew you needed but now can’t imagine living without… these moments are difficult, but so worth it. ⁣

We started this group with one mission – to better the lives of women and girls around the world. I like to think we have done that. We were silly and fun and a little irreverent. We’ve tackled some serious issues with a little bit of grace and a lot of good intentions. I would like to think that both Lorelai and Emily would be proud of us – which is no small feat. ⁣

So, as we embark upon our final adventure, I will leave you with one last clue: ⁣

You have given me everything I need. ⁣

You gave me a sense of purpose I didn’t know was in there. You gave me belly laughs, ugly cries, simple smiles and moments of pause. You have given freely of your time, your donations, your commitment, your motivation, your spirit. ⁣

You brought Stars Hollow to real life for me. With all its corresponding color and vibrancy, you created a community of real people with real love and real compassion and real joy. You gave me a space to revel in all things Gilmore. ⁣

So, things will change and that’s okay, because other things will stay the same. We will still laugh and cry and run. We will still be there for one another…we just won’t get a medal for it. And that’s okay too. ⁣

Tomorrow you will meet our final charity partner. You’re going to love them. On Friday night, I will do a live launch of this last event and I will do my best not to cry. My only hope is that this last medal is worthy of all you have given me, because you have given me so much more than you can ever know.⁣⁣

– Dawn⁣