Confidence. It’s one of the most important things a person can have. It’s also one of the easiest things to lose.⁣
Meanwhile, the world tells us that we should dress a certain way or look a certain way. Women are bombarded with images and messages that glorify perfection as thin and beautiful. In some instances, young women also have inadequate education on the merits of healthy, active, nutritious living. As a result, our young women are falling short–failing to realize how extraordinary they are. Instead they focus on everything they are not.⁣
Chilton Running Club is thrilled to announce that our charity partner for the second event of the 2018-2019 school year is Movemeant Foundation! Movemeant empowers women and girls by providing them with tools, resources and experiences which use physical movement as a gateway to building confidence and feeling powerful in their own skin.⁣
Movemeant’s impact programs focus on the most formative years of a girl’s life—middle school—and their curriculum addresses the critical need for emotional, social and physical development for girls, with topics ranging from social media’s impact on beauty ideals to body diversity and genetics. They help girls embody confidence and develop healthy habits so they can be successful in their future and fierce in their determination.⁣
Chilton Running Club is going to help Movemeant expand their middle school program beyond the San Francisco Bay Area into New York City, Chicago and Nashville!⁣
We’ll announce our second event of the year tomorrow night at 7pm Eastern, so make sure you sign up to help Movemeant show young women how awesome they really are!⁣
Find out everything about this incredible organization at