It’s back: the CRC Road Trip Benefit Event!

Last year, you took a little road trip around Connecticut. This year, the Chilton Running Club is going on TOUR! We’re going road trippin’ in the footsteps of our all-time favorite band: Hep Alien! Mrs. Kim has booked several gigs for us venturing from Waterbury, Connecticut to Richmond, Virginia…and once we get to Richmond, we’re going to veer off and complete our road trip by heading to Charlotte, North Carolina for Mia’s wedding (and to watch ‘The Pursuit of Happyness’ with Emily)!

This event is another way for us to support our 2018-2019 charity partners. The 10-day event will involve four teams completing an 834-mile course. These four teams will be celebrating each of our four charity partners. This year, we’re adding a special new twist: a CHASE team! The ÖÖÖ-BERS will start at the same time as the other teams, but they will have 5 fewer runners than everyone else.

Runners will have the ability to solicit donations/sponsorships from friends and family to support their team’s charity partner. 100% of these donations (minus credit card processing fees) will be donated to that charity. Those who get the most donations/sponsorships from their friends and family (and, heck, from total strangers if you can!) will get awesome PRIZES!

The Five Teams are:

  • Severe Cheese Burns (supporting Simon Says Give)
  • Human Kirk (supporting Movemeant Foundation)
  • Super Cool Party People (supporting Project HEAL)
  • Lyf N Deth Brigade (supporting Ironhawk Junior)
  • ÖÖÖ-BERS (supporting all Charity Partners)

Important Note: this is a full 10-day event. When you reach the end of the 834-mile course, KEEP GOING! When teams get to the Road Trip finish line, they will auto-magically teleport back to the starting line and enter Taylor Dosse’s infamous Hay Bale Maze, where you will continue to earn miles over the full 10 days of the event.

The complete details have been posted in the CRC Luke’s Diner, but here are the basics:

This is a competition for completing intentional miles on foot by walking, running, or using treadmills or elliptical machines. As you log your individual sessions on Racery, your team will move forward along the virtual course. Team members will complete individual sessions, track their mileage via an approved method, log their miles on the Racery platform, and then post photographic proof of their sessions on their “personal proof post” (PPP) in their respective private team room (closed Facebook group).

Registration Opens: May 28, 12:00 Noon EDT
Event Starts: May 31st 12:00 Noon EDT
Event Finishes: June 10th at 11:59:59 AM EDT
Distance/Duration: 834 Miles / 10 Days

EVERYONE has a role to play. We know some of you might feel like you can’t “compete” with those who might be faster than you. The CRC Road Trip is NOT about speed: it’s determination and persistence that counts. Those who log a few miles a day consistently are the key to a winning team. So don’t let ANYTHING stop you from raising your hand to be on one of our teams!

Once again, the full rules are in CRC Luke’s Diner. Go check them out! Your Team Captains are waiting for you! Sign-ups will begin at 7pm EDT in the CRC Luke’s Diner on May 23, 2019.

Let’s hit the road!!!