What Lies Ahead for the CRC?

As many of you have read, this will be the final “school year” for virtual runs in the Chilton Running Club. Once the May “Finals” event draws to a close, the CRC will not resume a new series of fanthropy running events in the autumn. That DOESN’T mean that the club is going anywhere. Let’s be crystal clear on that.

From the start, we’ve been a global community of GG fans who inspire, encourage, empower, and celebrate one another through the lens of the fandom we love. Thousands of us share our highs and lows, accomplishments and aggravations, like good friends do. This will never change.

We’ll still have direct impact projects to benefit great charity organizations, and even coordinate some fun fitness events through the year to motivate and entertain ourselves. Our social media platforms and fantastic online forums will keep talking, and talking, and talking.

We are a community — a ‘small town’ if you will — of irreplaceable personalities and stories. There’s no way in the world we’d let that go away. So keep that coffee hot, the laces tight, and the conversation snappy. Where you lead…we will follow.