What is a ‘virtual’ run?

A virtual run, also known as a virtual race, is an event that can be run in any location, at any time, at any pace. You can walk, jog, or run; use the treadmill, hit the road, sidewalk, or trail; you can even participate in another “real-world” race. It’s completely up to you!

In effect, we’re all running together…while apart!

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I hear the term “virtual race” used sometimes. Is there a winner?

We prefer to call our virtual runs “events”, but occasionally the word “race” is used. In reality, all of our events are “fun runs”, so the only winner is you for getting out there and being active.

You don’t need to submit a time to get your medal. CRC doesn’t require you to post “proof” of your run as we operate on the honor system. If you’re registered, you will get your medal; it’s up to you to complete the distance, when and how you are able.

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I’ve never run this event’s distance! Can I walk? Can I break it up?

Yes, and yes! You can run your race at your own pace, wherever and whenever you like. You can walk, skip, jog, run, dance…it’s your choice!

You can complete your distance at any time, in whatever way suits your ability and schedule. If the distance is longer than you feel you are capable of completing all at once, you can break up the distance over multiple runs.

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Do I have to run on a specific day?

For fun and enjoyment, we sometimes encourage members to complete their distance on a specific day to celebrate a particular event, or mark a special anniversary from the Gilmorian world (as in a certain woman’s birthday on April 25). That said, you can complete your run/walk anytime you want.

While event registrations are only open for a limited time, you don’t have to complete the distance during that period. We understand, lives are unpredictable! You’ll get there, and hang that medal with pride once you’ve done it.

Injured? Please wait until you’re healthy! If you’ve registered, you will receive your medal just the same. Complete the distance when you are safely able to do so.

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How do I register for a virtual run?

You can register for an event by using any of the “register” links on this website, or use the “sign up” button on our various social media profiles.

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What does a registration cost, and what does it give me?

Each event registration costs $25/$27 USD, and that includes your ‘magical’ custom finisher’s medal, neck ribbon, and a personalized, custom digital bib.

Proceeds from registrations go to that event’s charity partner, so you also get the satisfaction of knowing you’re doing great things for yourself, and for an important cause!

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How long is registration open? How do I make sure I get a spot?

Registration for each event will be open for about a month, or until we’ve reached the announced registration limit.

We have sold out of a couple event medals in recent history. We do our best to avoid this happening again, but as more people discover the joy of the CRC, the demand for medals will inevitably increase. The best strategy is to register the first week an event is open.

(See the section on the annual Finals to learn how to register for events you may have missed!)

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How do I get my digital bib?

About 24 to 48 hours after your registration, your custom digital bib will be available in our bib gallery. There you can search by your name or race number to find your bib. (The search function works best on desktop/laptop computers, so if you are using a tablet or smartphone, you may have some difficulties. If you can’t access your bib, just contact us, and we can email your bib to you directly.)

Note: In the first week of registration, bibs may take a bit longer, as we have an extremely large number of bibs to create. Please be patient!

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Can I participate if I live outside the United States?

Yes! We love our international runners! We will gladly ship our medals anywhere in the world! All we ask is $5 USD to help defray the cost of international shipping. This doesn’t completely cover the cost, but it does help us maximize our contribution to our charity partners.

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Can I share my virtual run on social media?

Can you? Of course! We’d love you to share your accomplishments with the world!

We welcome everyone to post ‘selfies’ with their bibs, medals, or workout completion screenshots from your personal smartphone/smartwatch tracking app screens to social media. You can ‘tag’ us with the #chiltonrunningclub hashtag, as well as the hashtags for the particular event you’re registered for. (For example, our recent Paris Geller 20.20k was #geller2020k. Pretty simple, eh?)

If you post those pictures to the virtual run’s CRC-hosted Facebook event, you’ll likely get a wave of congratulations from any of the hundreds of others who are running ‘with’ you. It’s a great way to celebrate your accomplishment, and interact with a fantastic online community!

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Can I register without using Events.com and avoid a processing fee?

Unfortunately, no. Events.com is the company we use to coordinate our race registrations. They have the capability to securely process your credit card payments, and collect all of the registration information we need to effectively manage all of the registrations for a particular event.

The processing fee pays for their servers, secure credit card transactions, software, etc.

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If you are non-profit, is my registration tax-deductible?

A portion of your registration is, yes! You can deduct $21 out of your $25 registration and/or $23 out of your $27 registration.

Our IRS identification number (EIN) is 47-4958349, and the emailed receipt from your Events.com registration serves as your tax receipt, so make sure you hold on to it for tax purposes.

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How soon will I get my medal after registering?

It’s a stinker of an answer, but the truth is that “it depends.” Typically, we order the medals about a week after registration opens, and the medals take 25-30 days for our manufacturer to produce them, clear customs, and have them shipped to us. Once the medals arrive, they have to be repackaged into individual packages, so our postal system can deliver them to you. Given the huge number of medals to prepare, this can take a few days, but we do it as fast as possible without breaking any laws.

To ensure safe transport to your door, we hire all our local Kirks to act as part-time Postal Service workers. This has the added benefit of sending an email with tracking information so you can monitor your medal delivery’s progress. Depending on your distance from Connecticut (where we are located, naturally), shipment can take anywhere from two days to around two weeks to arrive.

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I think the postal service lost my medal! Can you send me another one?

Your medal may not be lost, cool your jets! The reality is that the post office doesn’t always scan every package at every step in the process. So while the tracking information will show the package taking a really long time, it may have already arrived at your local post office. We’ve had several instances where a package arrived instantly from the sorting facility to someone’s mailbox on the other side of the country. The “standard” delivery time in the US varies from 2-7 business days, depending on your distance from Connecticut…and how deep into the woods your house might be.

Additionally, it is your responsibility to make sure we have the correct address. Please double check your address when you register and let us know if there was a mistake. If you move after you register, you need to update your address in NeonCRM, as the post office doesn’t typically forward packages.

Despite all our best efforts, sometimes Kirk falls down on the job, and medals get completely lost. When that happens, we will replace the medal. Either way, we promise we’ll make it right.

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I missed out on an event! Can I still get a medal?

Yes! Any remaining CRC medals are available in Kim’s Antiques. Links are available on this website and in CRC Luke’s Diner.

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What is the ‘Finals’ event? Is there a medal for that?

The “Finals” event is not a virtual run, and there is no medal. The special event is our way of turning back the clock, and reopening registrations on all of the events for the school year (which is how we conduct our season). CRC’s last “Finals” event was in May, 2019.  After this date, CRC no longer offers new medal events.

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What is the Challenge Medal?

Each year we offer a fifth special Challenge Medal for the truly dedicated members of CRC. We guarantee it is something huge, and something special, unlike any medal you have ever seen!

The Challenge Medal is only available in a given year and will never be made available again, so make sure you get it while you can! (If you are joining late, we have a solution for that.) The registration for a Challenge Medal is $25/$27, and the proceeds are distributed across all of the charity partners for the year. It’s one more chance to be damned proud of yourself, and do more good for these great organizations!

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How do I make Honor Roll?

Those who complete all four events during the year and registered for the year’s Challenge Medal will be named a CRC Honor Roll student, and receive a FREE bracelet unique to that year, in appreciation for their incredible dedication to Chilton Running Club.

Additionally, those who are named as Honor Roll will be immortalized forever in our Hall of Fame here on our website!

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I have a great idea for an event/medal! Can I make a suggestion?

Absolutely, we love your ideas! Will we make it happen? We’ll sure try!

We typically have each year’s events and medals prepared and slated in advance, but if your idea is unmatched in its brilliance, we’ll gladly make room on the schedule. Send us the idea and let’s see what we can craft!

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How do you select your charity partners? Can I recommend a charity?

No charity can contact us directly and become a charity partner. All charity partners must be nominated by a member. Charity nominations should be sent to support@chiltonrunningclub.org. We are proud of the fact that the selection of each and every one of our charity partners began with a CRC member telling us about a charity they personally care about.

We are always looking for charity partners making a direct impact towards women’s and girls’ empowerment and betterment, and welcome any ideas you might have. Some charities are a great fit, but some are not. While large, well-known charities, like the American Red Cross and Susan G. Komen, are awesome and do incredible work, they have a well-established donation revenue stream. We prefer to focus on lesser-known charities where our contribution will have a dramatic impact on the world-improving work they are doing.

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I have a fundraising campaign for a family member who is needs financial help. Can CRC contribute?

Unfortunately, we can’t. While we completely sympathize with the myriad of struggles so many are facing these days, we cannot contribute to these individual campaigns as our funds are specifically earmarked for our charity partners who are counting on our support.

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I have an awesome themed product that I sell. Can CRC help promote my product?

Sorry, no. We cannot promote, endorse, advocate for, or advertise items that we are not directly involved in producing, or that are not directly supporting our charity partners.

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We’re putting on a virtual race/real-world race. Will you tell all your runners about it?

Typically, this answer is going to be “no”, unless your event is directly supporting one of our established charity partners. If you would like to propose a future partnership, please contact us.

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