Okay people, I have a problem.

There are two medals left for CRC and I have no flippin’ clue what to do! There are so many options!!! I have to get this thing done like NOW and I am stuck!!!

I know, I know… you all believe that I have these things planned out like a year in advance and that I fully have my shiz together. I am sure I give an aura of total put-togetherness that rivals Martha Stewart mixed with a bit of Gal Gadot Wonder Woman-y goodness, but NEWS FLASH- I am a hot mess. I am sorry to destroy the illusion. *hangs head in shame*

The last medal was EPIC. How do I top that??? I was warned. I was given an explanation. Nevertheless, I persisted. I was all “Pshh, I know I can come up with something that will top an 8″ trophy medal. You hush now.”

Well… they were right! (Please don’t tell them I said that.) I persisted myself right into a frenzied panic-state.

There are so many things I want to do!!! Taylor and Gypsy and the festivals and Luke! How could I forget LUKE??? Madeline and Louise! There is a whole universe in Stars Hollow that we haven’t seen! It can’t just be a Firelight 5k… unless the medal is actually on fire (and I have already been told that I am not allowed to send flaming medals through USPS); it has to be over the top amazing! You all deserve over the top AMAZING!!

So, here I am, hat in hand (just kidding, I look atrocious in hats), just a blue-haired girl, looking at a running club, asking them to HELP HER.

Give me your most bizarro world ideas. Can’t be done? Challenge accepted! Except for the fire. That has already been kiboshed.

LET’S DO THIS THING! If ever there was a time for In Omnia Paratus, that time is now.

-In Omnia