The Chilton Running Club (CRC) is a charitable program administered by Random Tuesday, Inc. (RTI) – a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization (EIN 47-4958349) dedicated to harnessing the power of fandom to inspire communities of fans to be more physically active while raising funds for deserving charities.

In its first two years, our 3,000+ members have completed nearly a dozen virtual running events designed to promote physical exercise, and its members have logged nearly half a million miles in pursuit of those event goals. Forming an exceptional and highly engaged fandom community, our participants have been rewarded with artistically unique and cherished medals. Through their efforts, CRC has donated close to $50,000 to charity partners in order to accomplish the RTI mission of "Changing the World...One Mile at a Time."

Inspired by its highly caffeinated, highly motivated fandom, each event medal is carefully designed with a corresponding charity partner in mind, and brings the fictional New England small town world to life.


CRC sees an ever-increasing number of individuals around the world improving their own lives through physical activity, and in doing so, improving the lives of countless others through direct philanthropic efforts.

When care and kindness is shown for one's self and surroundings, the world becomes a better place.