The Class of 2018 ‘Smash the Patriarchy’ Anvil Challenge Medal!

Where have all the anvils gone? This year’s challenge medal is a badass She Conquers 3D modeled anvil! It’s amazing. And heavy! All the better for smashing patriarchies, am I right?

If you registered for at least two of the following 2017-2018 school year events, you are eligible to earn the ‘Smash the Patriarchy’ Anvil Challenge!

  • Guilt and Chanel No. 5k
  • Geller 20.20k
  • babette ran a 5k!
  • Buckle Up, I’m Patty 10k

If you registered for all four events AND the Anvil Challenge, you make the honor roll. And of course, every Chilton Honor Roll student gets an award for their hard work and dedication. We will send you a beautiful custom charm bracelet that will remind you every day that  SHE CONQUERS and that Chilton Running Club is ALL IN.

All of the proceeds from the 2017-2018 school year medals were divided among our four awesome charity partners for the year…. She’s the FirstShe Should RunWriteGirl, and Carry the Future.