Chilton Running Club’s 2nd event of the 2018-2019 school year is The Dance-A-Thon 4 in 4k!

Grab a partner, a good pair of shoes, and get ready to dance! Well, run… or walk, or it doesn’t matter – DANCE! No yellow cards or Taylor’s bullhorn, it’s a 4k runabout!

But a “medal” just won’t do for this event. Everyone is getting a wearable TROPHY! Of course, its a second place trophy because Kirk always gets first, but you can wear it or display it or run circles around your High School gym. It’s a massive 8-inches hanging from a custom sublimated ribbon! Your registration also includes your own ever-popular custom digital bib, but you have to supply your own egg-less egg salad sandwich.


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It’s Showtime!

If we’re going to a Dance-A-Thon, we’ve got to have a great dance partner! Chilton Running Club is thrilled to announce that our charity partner for this event is Movemeant! Movemeant empowers women and girls by providing them with tools, resources and experiences which use physical movement (especially DANCE!) as a gateway to building confidence and feeling powerful in their own skin. They create opportunities where success through sports and fitness leads to success in academics, teamwork, and community.

To learn more go to:

The Dance-A-Thon 4 in 4k raised $5,966.62 to benefit Movemeant.