Luke…Please? How many have you had this morning? None. Plus? Five, but yours is better!

Our fourth event of the 2016-2017 school year:

The None. Plus? 5k!

Coffee is oxygen to Lorelai and Rory. It would be a crime if we went the whole year without doing a run dedicated to the greatest beverage in the history of the world! But we can’t just give you a single cup of coffee…we’re giving you the whole coffee machine! Modeled after Luke’s own cathedral of caffeine, this LARGE 4″ medal features four pots of coffee and one pot of “the other stuff” (decaf). If we could give you coffee in an IV, you know we would.

The proceeds from the None. Plus? 5k supported Grounds for Health, an amazing organization that provides cervical cancer screenings and cryotreatment for women working at coffee cooperatives in seven countries around the world including Nicaragua, Peru, and Ethiopia. Most health conditions in the developing world have been improving, but cervical cancer is one of the exceptions. Worldwide, an estimated 317,000 women will die from cervical cancer annually and this number is expected to increase to 443,000 by 2030. To date, Grounds for Health has treated 5,277 women and screened 72,621…with your support they can screen and treat so many more!

We are pleased to announce the None. Plus? 5k raised $5,515.26 to support Grounds for Health during the Class of 2017 season and raised another $1,372.16 during the Class of 2018 Make-Up Exams.

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