Chilton Running Club is proud to present its inaugural event:

That Damn Donna Reed 7.3K!

The medal is a nod to Rory’s Lime Fantasy Supreme. It is a 4” medal and if you look closely, you might just think it is really Jell-o in there! Don’t eat it though. You’ll break a tooth. CRC is not responsible for your medical bills should you try to eat your medal.

Why 7.3K? How else would we launch a group dedicated to improving the lives of women and girls around the world than with a distance that represents the 73% average income inequality for women in the United States? Donna Reed may have played the dutiful wife and mother in the 50s, but as Rory found out, she was a feminist trailblazer in the real world – she just didn’t get any credit for it. Now, in 2016, women have come a long way but, on average, women still earn less than men for doing the same job.

Our charity partner for this event was Days for Girls International. All over the world, there are girls who do not have access to feminine hygiene supplies, instead, using leaves, mattress stuffing, cornhusks, and anything else they can find. They miss out on valuable days of school every month. Education helps break the cycle of poverty and women are the key to moving communities forward.

We are pleased to announce That Damn Donna Reed 7.3k raised $ 5,534.87 to support Days for Girls during the Class of 2017 season and raised another $1,103.32 during the Class of 2018 Make-Up Exams.

Go check them out at to see how else you can help this amazing cause.